SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing :

We provide a promotional and transactional SMS solution In India, the concept of mass SMS sending is becoming popular day by day. Marketing services through mobiles are used to alert reminders, service messages, send tips,  and other forms of communication to customers over a wide geographic area. Bulk SMS messages can help you manage and improve your relationship with all your customers and prospects. For example, if your company adjusts the prices of products or services, you can use the Bulk Online SMS service to let your customers know about this type of ad so they can psychologically prepare for the new changes.

Bulk SMS Marketing  is the best suit for communities like clubs, educational institutes, marketing companies to get in touch with their targeted audience. There are two types of messages:

SMS campaign: Campaign messages are “one to many” bulk text messages. These are bulk messages that are used to communicate about promotional events like coupons, discounts, time limited offers etc. They can also be used to update general information about updates and alerts.

Transaction SMS: Transactional messages are “one to one”. These are the messages that are sent only when the specific action is done (order confirmation, shipping notifications). These messages are done automatically.

Effectiveness of SMS Marketing:

Usage of smart phones: SMS is an excellent way to reach the customers directly. You can drive traffic and get visitors engaged with your business,
simply by placing a link in the text.

High open rates for SMS: According to the research, 98% of the SMS messages have 45% of response where as open rates for emails at 30% have much less response rate of 6%.

Similar to the Email marketing: SMS marketing and Email marketing have many similarities in implementation. You can use SMS to send instant notifications where as it contains more content in Email marketing.

Active communication: With higher open rates, SMS marketing have an advantage of instant opening and receiving information about the latest updates, latest offers and discounts.

Need for SMS Marketing Urgent updates about customer orders: If there is any urgent updates  about events, with SMS you can easilycommunicate any cancellations, general information,changes or updates.As the people are more, it becomes challenging to communicate the necessary information with everyone. In that case, bulk SMS messaging plays a prominent role.

Short term promotions for e-commerce business: 
Promotions are an excellent way to generate traffic to your web site. SMS marketing is a great platform to communicate these offers especially
limited-time sale, as you want many people to hear it as possible.

Appointment Remainders: Remainding the texts is an excellent way of making sure that people don’t forget their appointments by showing up their right time. It saves more time for other works.

Internalalerts: It is hard to communicate urgent messages like emergency updates to everyone at the same time if you have large number of employees. So by sending the bulk SMS it is easy for everyone to receive your message on time which is not instantly possible with Email marketing.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

E-commerce stores: SMS marketing is a great tool for e-commerce stores for sending a promotional campaigns or order confirmations.

Brand awareness: SMS marketing helps you to create awareness of you brand
among consumers by engaging them with your daily SMS activity about your
business to make the brand stay in customers mind.

Highly cost effective: SMS marketing is an inexpensive method of communication in comparison to traditional marketing strategies. Here you can reach and drive traffic with low cost.

Travel companies: SMS marketing is the main tool in these companies  because customers need the time to time information regarding flight time updates and cancellations. With SMS you are able to provide them the required information.

Time management: SMS Marketing saves a lot of time which is used to focus on other areas of business. Only 160 characters are allowed in sending a text message which tells that your message is clear.

Easy to set up: Setting up of SMS marketing campaign is very simple. Betaout is an SMS Marketing tool which is used to send broadcast or one to one messages to your customers and you can analyze it in real time.

High conversion rate: SMS marketing has a huge conversion rate when compared to other marketing methods. By sending the promotions there is more action taken by the customers.

Instant deliverability: SMS is more similar to spice jet, literally you are putting your SMS in your subscriber’s pocket within seconds. The average time for
mobile carriers and SMS services is less than 7 seconds from sender to receiver.