Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing :
The need for marketing is increasing today because of increasing competition between companies. Companies compete with others in the market and use different marketing strategies to promote products and services. Marketing can be of many types such as media marketing, print marketing, sales marketing and online marketing. But social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today.
SMM will help your business to get in touch with client base , you can give continuous updates to your customers, So that they will be well informed about your products and services.Social media marketing includes face book marketing, Linkedin, twitter, youtube , Instagram marketing etc.,Social Media Marketing uses social networking websites as a Marketing tool. The main goal of SMM is to increase brand exposure by producing the user sharable content in Social Networks. SMM helps a company in getting direct feedback from the customers.Social Media Optimization(SMO) plays a major role in Social Media Marketing. SMO is a strategy of drawing unique visitors to your website like Search engine optimization(SEO).

SMM tools:
Buffer has its most software applications which enables you to place posts on preferable social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Google analytics has a vast application as Website statistic service. It is used to generate and track statistics about social media traffic on the website.Facebook power editor is an inbuilt tool in facebook which is used to create more than one Facebook Ads Campaign. It is used to create target audience and a great tool to create an Image for your campaign.Social mention is one of the most widely used social media marketing tool that helps the user to trace and measure the performance of a company or product. ShortStack is specially used for facebook which is a campaign building tool. It helps to generate leads by running promotional contest.Hootsuite helps to get free reports by Emails, messaging from a single platform, scheduling the tweets and observing the posts.Howsociable is different from other marketing tools. It displays the ranks for different social media platforms and makes user to focus on those social media platforms which need development.TweetDeck is meant for scheduling and tracking the tweets. This tool is used for the complete management of Twitter which is most used in social media platforms. SocialOomph is a time saving tool that enables to get Twitter Keyword alerts on mail. ContactUs.Com enables users to generate the leads and to perform end-to-end engagement by building and adding contact forms to Facebook pages.
JustUnfollow is one of the Social Media Marketing tool which enables user to trace the Twitter and Instagram followers. It is mostly used in expanding their network in platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Canva tool is meant for creating simple designs for facebook cover pages, Blog graphics, presentations, postures etc. Pagemodo is a Social media marketing tool used for designing and promoting facebook apps in the purpose of engaging more customers across the social channels. Bitly is a tool mainly used for shortening the URLs that are mainly used in the fields such as Social marketing, emails, SMS etc.
How profitable SMM is:
Promote products and services:
There are many ways for you to share the sponsored posts that promotes the products and services for other businesses. This is one of the direct ways of generating traffic from social media.Over promoting of products leads to loss of clicks and sometimes they may “unfollow” you due to continues tweeting about particular product.Using Visual Media to promote craftsIf you are in a thought of creating art items, Handmade crafts or articles made of cloths, there is a welcome platform to expose your products on social media platforms. Among all, Instagram and pinterest are the more trending platforms for Visual media.
Promote affiliate products:
Promote the products on ClickBank. You can also become an Amazon Associate, earn commissions by promoting products of your choice (Amazon
The effective way of promoting affiliate marketing is through is reviews. Sharing the personal experience over particular product like how benefit it is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of that particular product and then go for a review on your blog.
Create and promote products on your own:
Own products like ebooks and courses are more profitable in Social Media Marketing. By placing ebook on ClickBank you are able to promote the link of your ebook on different Social media channels.To publish and sell your PDF and video files you can access different platforms like Gumroad, Selfy and Amazon’s KDP programe.
Promote coaching business:
You can start teaching online courses by conducting online sessions using skype, Google hangouts or Facebook messenger. Personal branding on the channels like LinkedIn, Faceboo and Twitter are much important.
This strategy can also work in selling information products, who are more likely to be interested in ebooks and courses that you have created.
Using Youtube:
Running a successful Youtube channel is not an ordinary thing which requires a lot of planning, Hard work and creativity to build a successful Youtube channel.You are eligible to apply youtube Partner Program only if you get 10,000 public views for your channel videos. You can visit to check the total view count of your channel.
Steps to apply for youtube partner program:
Sign in to your youtube account.Top right, select your account icon-Creator studio In the left menu, select channel and go to status and features.Click Enable, under “Monetization”.Follow the on-screen steps to accept the Youtube partner program terms.
Providing Freelance SMM Services:
You can start your freelance social media marketing business by creating your own Brand on social media to attract the inquiries.Providing services like social media auditing, Facebook page management, Social media content creation, social media advertisements (PPC ads on facebook, twitter, linkedin)
Writing guest post blogs on social media marketing for popular digital marketing related blogs.Creating your own blog and sharing your blog posts on different social media channels to bring in traffic.Creating and sharing quality content as daily activity in order to get inquiries from the clients.
Requesting for social media relating projects.You can also add your professional details to Freelance sites like,,, etc