Video Marketing

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The digital marketing service is no longer a distant problem for modern marketers. They treated him categorically for their own profits. Expanding the reach of products and services as well as the development of massive connectivity with a large number of consumers through digital marketing have greatly encouraged new age marketers. The digital marketing service is recognized as one of the main tools for promoting products or services for all marketers of that time.

This process has also been very successful for entrepreneurs. Digital Marketing reduced the cost of promotion for marketers and encouraged them to communicate with people around the world without paying a penny. Video advertising is one of the most effective tools in this marketing service, as it ensures better opportunities for customer engagement. Marketers are now allowed to promote their products and services via a video advertising medium in the context of digital marketing operations. Video marketing is all over the internet. Consider your favorite brand, your facebook and you youtube homepage to make successful video marketing. 

Video Marketing

You tube Marketing:

There are some things that should be kept in mind in case a company wants to improve its Youtube marketing. The first thing to keep in mind is that people will not click on a video to see a boring infomercial. Videos should be such that they keep viewers long enough to soften them for the call to action. At the end of the video, they should be ready to click on the URL to learn more about the product.
In addition, these keywords should be chosen that are related to people who are looking for new information. The content of the video should be such that it educates people about these keywords. The channel page must also be optimized to generate traffic. Relevant company information must be provided on the pages of the channel. Links to the company’s website or profiles on other social media can also be provided.
How it works:
Your brand designs videos in the thought of promoting your company, driving sales, getting awareness of your products or services and engaging your customers. Video marketing is data driven, so you need to monitor various techniques and track customers engagement.
Strategies to develop video marketing:
Budget: You need to designate some budget for video- decent equipment, good editing software and a video marketing team.
Story telling: Advanced story telling techniques are used as a part of video marketing strategy which allow us to move from the content to get more approach based on creating emotional connections with audience. What type of stories you tell and How you tell matters here.
Publish: Publish your videos far and wide in your website, upload to youtube and all your social media channels. Then, keep on promoting them for more traffic.
Engage: Engaging is the great challenge in video marketing. Its not about simply telling stories, it is about creating interest among the audience and getting them engaged. You need to mention the key points that attract the audience.
Short: Maintaining the video with not much lengthy is more effective to reach the audience.
Analyze: Track metrics and statistics to find the best among all the videos.

Benefits of Video marketing:
Video Marketing connects you with audience. Video is the bridge that links Advertiser and Audience.Video helps in Boosting likes, shares, building back links and getting traffic to your web site.Videos can increase your brand awareness. As you want your business to stand over among your competitors business, you can increase exposure to your customers from videos by offering entertainment, educational videos etc.Video will boost Social Media Engagement. There are Facebook videos, Facebook live, Twitter Periscope and Instagram live, this proves that video is most shared content on Social media platforms.
Video marketing helps in improving search engine ranking.You can enhance your Mobile Marketing through videos by providing information more efficiently.
You can get excellent Return On Investment by adding an explainer video to your landing page.

In recent years, much of the content marketing is shifted to video marketing. Youtube came onto the online and opened doors for the growth of Products, services and company’s as well.Video can do what text doen’t. It can create an Immediate interaction and connectivity with audience who do comments in real time. It can build the trust through video by speaking directly with the customers to establish pure connectivity.
92% of the videos are viewed and shared via mobile compared to other modes of access.
Companies, which utilizing video marketing are experiencing 41% increase in traffic through web searches compared to the others who don’t include video in their content strategies.Videos offer 50% of the best Return On Investment.

Video Marketing tools:
Slidely: Slidely has given users the ability to create video slideshows or music videos from your photos and video clips. You can directly post your video slideshow onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and pinterest.
Viewbix: Viewbix is a video marketing tool where you can create an interactive video which should take only five minutes. This works by adding a link to your video, branding your video by inserting your logo and call-to-action buttons.
You can place your video on social networks like Facebook and twitter. Additionally, you can add email capture, store locator and coupons for boosting conversions from our videos.
wideo: Wideo is one of the most popular online video platform that allows you to create, edit and share animated videos either from scratch or any one of the pre-made templates. You can add all types of images and animations, objects, sounds, background, text to create fun and engaging animated video.
Wevideo: It is a video creator that can be used for marketing and business. This helps to create and edit engaging videos to your business..
You can also customize your videos by adding your logo, color scheme, info cards, call-to-action and then publish into platforms like youtube.
VideoScribe: In this you can create animated white board videos which are ternding to be popular.
You can start this by adding your images and text, set animation times and add voice over.