Web Traffic

Boost web Traffic:

Web traffic is generated from various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When marketers want to increase web traffic, they must focus on SEO strategies. Web traffic is very useful in marketing different products and services. Businesses use web traffic marketing techniques for the successful marketing of their products and services. Search engines are the most used websites in the world and they provide the great platform for businesses and marketers for marketing.

Web traffic marketing can be very useful for promoting products. The owner of the website should consider website traffic marketing.

Web traffic is the process of data sending and receiving the data from website to the visistors. Types of measures which you need to maintain when monitoring the web traffic are:

The average number of page views per visitors (high number indicates the brand equity)

The number of visitors (making your web site to reach visitors) Average page duration ( total time, a page is viewed for. If the page views are high, it indicates that your web site is content oriented) Average visit duration (how long the users spend their time on your web site) Most requested pages Most requested entry pages (the entry page is the first page which attracts the user and is viewed by the visitor) Most requested exit pages (the exit pages help you to find broken links or these may have popular  external link) Top paths ( a path is a sequence of pages viewed by visitors from entry to exit) Referrers: A host can measure, from where the links are originating and can determine which sites are generating more traffic for a particular page.


Web traffic can be increased by placing a post in search engines and purchasing advertisements, including pop upads, in-page ads. You can purchase through web traffic providers who are experts at delivering targeted traffic and referring past traffic.

Measuring website traffic:Web site provides you a code to measure the web site traffic.  Web traffic can be increased by placing a post in search engines and purchasing advertisements, including pop up adds, in-page adds. You can also purchase through web traffic providers who are experts at delivering targeted traffic and referring past traffic. This code gives the information about: How many people do visit your site. How long do people stay on each webpage of your site. What are the primary browsers people are using to visit your site. What are the main geographic regions from where the website traffic is generated from.

Sign up to website traffic-measuring services: As Google Analytics is the most preferred popular free service to measure a website’s performance in traffic, it takes consideration of everything.

Add  the services tracking code to your web pages:

Your traffic measuring service provide you a code to copy and paste into the code of your web pages. Follow the instructions to find your tracking code.Tracking code is pasted only for one time for one template into the template files to apply the code to all your web pages. Instead of HTML code add your tracking code before closing the “body” tag of your web pages. Check all the tracking codes that you have added to your web pages.

Report for your website’s traffic: It takes a day for the code to gather data for the report from tracking visitors who visited to your site and their activity on your site. Log in to your tracking services account. Access your report which is given by the service website.Observe the measurement of your website. These may include the number of unique visitors you had, What are the links your visitor’s have clicked on when they visit your site and What are their landing pages from the search engine.

Website traffic counter (alternative):StatCounter is a website traffic measuring site which offers a visibility for    people to display on their sites people. Register for an account at the counter’s website. Copy and paste the code in Website’s code. Choose particular statistic to display your counter (if displayed) that could be page views or page load  (number of times the counter web page is viewed) and it may be related to the information about unique visitors of your site.You can choose the color and font in which the counter is displayed in and you can choose how many digits it can be shown.

The quality of your website traffic includes

  • Lead conversion rate
  • Engagement on site
  • Forum submissions
  • Bounce rate
  • Geography

Checking website traffic:

You may have many tools available for checking your website traffic. As you can check your website in order to over chase your competitor or to know how popular your content is.

Access your web page statistics:

Usage of platforms like WordPress is very easy to access your web page statistics. These are easy for tracking and maintaining the web iste performance 
by providing overall picture of your website’s trafficIn wordPress, click on Dashboard to the upper left hand side, there you can see several categories. you can see a graph of labeling statistics inside primary blog > My blogs, which gives you website’s overall traffic.

Number of blog post comments: To know how many people visited your site, just check number of comments posted in your site. Obviously not every visitor leaves the comment but on an average you can get one comment for every 200 visitors. Go to web page comment’s Count the comments which are posted below manually (if there is no list provided) Multiply the number of comments by 200, just to know the average visitors of your web page.

Using plugins and websites:Google analytics is one of the most popular website traffic analysis application. It lets you track the visitor to your website and helps you to expand your outreach Google analytics have free and paid formats Once you sign up to Google analytics, you will be receiving an unique tracking Id. You need to place it in your web pages in order to get information about the website traffic which is provided by the Google.

Identifying  your competitor: You need to have a look on your competitor if you want to improve your website. Knowing the competitor’s techniques on his website and his reach towards audience may help you to get more ideas to cross him.  Search your web pages top keywords on search engines to target the audience.